This helm chart is written to deploy rails apps with optional workers using Helm.
It’s a fork of the AutoDevops chart from Khalil Gharbaoui
Which was a fork of the AutoDevops chart from gitlab
It supports Sidekiq and Redis (enabled by default)
It also add support of persistence data for the rails application and the workers (which is a shared volume)
And more…


  • Pod for main application.
  • Pod for sidekiq worker.
  • Redis can be provisioned.
  • PostgreSQL database can be provisioned.
  • Persistent volume can be mount


See readme

Latest release info

Version: 0.7.1

Download package:

Created: 31 March 2021 12:09

Usage with helm

See readme

With gitlab

In your CI env variables, or in your modified .gitlab-ci.yml set the following:

Set AUTO_DEVOPS_CHART_REPOSITORY to Set AUTO_DEVOPS_CHART to gitlab/auto-deploy-rails

See readme

Manual Usage

Add the repo

helm repo add auto-deploy-rails

Copy values.yaml from the repository and modify to fit your app. See readme for more information.